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Office Art is a highly effective way of showing your message to customers, your values as a company, and conveying a super professional image to staff. Your first hurdle may naturally be the cost, but it doesn’t have to cost as much as you think. At Commission an Artist we have a great variety of artists on our books from those who have just graduated to those much more experienced. It just depends on your requirements and budget, which you can discuss with an experienced project manager, who will also proactively see your project come to fruition.

Beautiful artwork is no longer just for the large companies with a huge budget, we can improve your offices for within your budget.

We have graded artists who charge differently depending on their experience and yes obviously you get what you pay for, but if you are looking for that special something (and you might not even know what that is until you speak to our consultants) we can help you. We are down to earth consultants with no airs & graces at all, we simply don’t buy into the art community, so if you know nothing about art but know what you like, you’re in good company and we have your back, we are on your side.

For companies with active corporate social responsibility programs, another effective strategy is to display office art that reflects the company’s philanthropic outreach. We can accommodate this by generating local attention to get the public involved. Displaying office art created by children from a signature local community, for example, could be relevant and meaningful. In either case, the art demonstrates a company’s commitment to supporting its greater community. Again, we can accommodate this and it’s not so much office art but it can be extremely helpful to a company wanting to position itself as responsible.

Keep it updated! Our counterparties would have you regularly rotating your artwork – we think a decent piece stands the test of time, but if you need a refresher or an additional piece of office art then we will find someone who can do it for you. And of course, we know some art consultants recommend you have them on a retainer – we don’t do that at all. You want something new, we give it to you on a one-off basis.

Business owners work hard to deliver on client expectations and choose the perfect employees, but when it comes to their physical surroundings and office art, some forget that the office space is another tool to convey important information about their company and culture. Trust me, it makes a difference.

With a dedicated project manager we are on your side to help deliver exactly the message you want to convey to your customers and staff. Our Project Managers all have some experience of artwork and can really help you to bring your ideas to life. We excel particularly in assessing your brand’s messages and values and really bringing your message to life in a visual way.

Commission an Artist – You Think It. We Make It.

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