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We can create office artwork and corporate art collections for your office, plus direct artwork onto the walls of your night club – we can do anything! All you need to do is submit your brief,and one of our project managers in our commissions team will get back you to discuss. The advantage of commissioning an artist through us for all of your corporate collection is that you get the same artist producing your artwork and with a dedicated project manager who will ensure the whole project is delivered to you, on time, and within budget.

Spreadex (www.spreadex.com) provided a full interview below:

What was your initial artwork requirement and why?

To accommodate an expanding workforce, Spreadex had just moved to new offices in the heart of St Albans. While the offices were spacious, modern and well equipped to cater for the trading rooms and growing IT team, the building was a little bare and minimal in terms of décor with no real ambience created. We wanted to brighten up the offices with imagery that suited the nature of our business; financial trading and sports betting offered via the latest technology online and on mobile.

How did you think the artwork would benefit your company?

We wanted to put up artwork that would help to stimulate and inspire employees as well as creating a pleasant and more interesting work environment to be part of. To give the workforce a sense of ‘ownership’ of the space, we invited all Spreadex employees to vote for their preferred choices based on five themes; world cities, famous sporting venues, famous sportspeople or sporting moments, famous economists/thinkers, famous scientists/inventors. The end result was a building with more of an identity relating to the Spreadex business and a space with some extra character for visitors as well as staff.

Why did you choose Commission an Artist?

We looked at a number of options such as sourcing local artists or finding people who had taken on similar projects nationally. We ended up using Commission an Artist as they were able to do much of the work for us in terms of sourcing suitable artists and providing details of likely costs and timescales. This was far more efficient and timesaving than overseeing this process ourselves.

How did you find the process at Commission an Artist?

The process was simple and stress-free. They provided us with a list of potential artists with examples of their style and cost levels. Once we had whittled down to a potential shortlist they were even able to get the artists to each create a piece of work based on our brief. This enabled us to make a more reasoned choice on who our final preferred artist would be.

You wanted to buy just one at first, naturally I suppose to see what it would look like. Did this help you with your decision making process?

Yes, we wanted to see a piece of actual artwork in place in the office to make sure we were happy with the final effect, rather than just seeing an image on the screen. As it turns out, the initial piece of work was a real hit with staff members who loved the modern ‘filtered’ and almost ‘cartoony’ effect that had been added to a striking image (of Usain Bolt). We ordered the rest of the prints after that all with the same ‘filtered’ and ‘cartoony’ effect and the result was a selection of around 30 images that had a consistent and common style that made them feel part of a themed set of pictures, rather than of just randomly selected images.

Would you recommend Commission an Artist to others?

Yes, they were a pleasure to deal with throughout and Spreadex ended up with a set of pictures that met our initial brief perfectly and well within budget.

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