portrait artists in realistic or contemporary styles

We are pleased to offer Portrait Artists or charicatures to our customers. Our artists can produce realistic or contemporary portraits of people. They have a vast amount of experience of producing portraits, which can be created by painting or drawing. Our Portrait Artists produce some really wonderful child and baby portraits as well as group portraits. Our portrait artists are highly skilled at capturing those special moments in a painting, pencil drawing, charcoal, or pastel that will last forever.

variety of portrait artists for you

We have a variety of portrait artists, giving you a variety of styles in contemporary and modern art styles, or more realistic artwork. All of our portrait artists can produce your portrait in any medium and almost any size.

our portrait artists will complete your artwork within 4-6 weeks

Your portrait artwork will take roughly 4-6 weeks to complete and can be either sent to you by courier either framed or unframed. We can produce portraits of individuals or groups, and/or including animals.

about our portrait artists

Our portrait artists are selected carefully, ensuring that they have the skills needed to produce excellent artwork for you. Although we have portrait artists that produce realistic artwork, we also have those with a slightly more contemporary feel or look to them. Most of our artists are based in the UK and have exhibited throughout the country and in some cases, abroad. We have artists who have created portraits for famous people, including politicians and celebrities.

how to commission one of our portrait artists

Firstly, simply send us an email with a brief description of your requirements and we will contact you to discuss your art project. We then contact suitable artists who can produce the work on time and within budget. We have a variety of artists who are at different stages in their career, so it really depends on your budget and requirements as to who we put forward for the task. For example, some are quite renowned and therefore have the ability to charge higher prices, whilst others are younger in their careers and produce excellent portrait artwork but charge a lower price until they become more well known. All of  our Portrait Artists are of an excellent quality who can complete your art project for you.

To enquire about using one of our portrait artists, please click on the link below and we will get it started for you!

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