pet portraits, made lovingly by our artists

We are pleased to offer Pet Portraits to our customers. We have a variety of artists who are used to drawing and painting pets for their owners, and really capturing the moment of your beloved pet. A pet portrait will last for years, and oil paintings will last forever if kept properly. We usually paint from photos and we do take a few weeks to produce the painting, since we take our time and do it properly.

portraits of any pet

The types of pets we paint are varied. Usually we are asked to produce paintings of cats, dogs, and horses, although we will paint any pet – even spiders, rats, and snakes. We can also create artwork that include people.

pet portraits of any size and style of art

We can produce pet portraits in paintings and photographs of almost any size you require. We can also create your pet portrait using a contemporary or realistic style, using pointillism (little dots to make up the painting), pop art, or any other style of your choice.

handmade pet portraits

All of the artwork is handmade by our artists, using either oil or pastels, depending on your choice. We can also use other mediums such as acrylics or charcoal, it depends on your requirements.

If you would like to arrange a pet portrait then please Submit Your Brief and we will get back to you.