We have many landscape artists who can fulfil your project needs, using a variety of mediums including paint, gouache, drawing, pen and ink, as well as other mediums. We also have an artist who can create stunning landscapes using thread. Also, we have a variety of styles. You may prefer the more abstract, modern, and contemporary feel, and we are also highly skilled at creating realistic paintings. We can work from a photo or visit your location to create the perfect artwork for you.

our landscape artists work with various mediums and can work on scenes from around the world

Our landscape artists are experienced at creating stunning pieces of artwork on canvas, paper, and other materials, such as for thread work.  Most of our landscape artists have previously exhibited their artwork throughout various exhibitions throughout the UK and abroad. Although most of our landscape artists are UK based, we do also have international artists who are highly skilled at creating landscapes of their surrounding areas. Therefore, if you have just returned from a trip abroad and would like to commission an artist to paint a scene of your favourite view then chances are we have a landscape artist who can do that.

our landscape artists create personal landscapes

Previous commissions have included paintings of property, barns, and scenery. We have included people within the landscapes, and pets/animals. Whatever it is you are looking to create we will do our utmost to help you achieve that. We work closely with you to ensure you are happy at all stages of the project and our previous recommendations have been outstanding.

how to commission a landscape artist!

To get your project started please Submit Your Brief and we will get back to you. Our opening hours are 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday.>