At Commission an Artist we have a variety of animal artists who can paint, draw, and photograph animals. Each artist has a love of animals, both wild and domestic and spend a great deal of time studying their subjects (animals). We usually work from photos taken by the client, or images from other sources, and we can also work where clients have no particular image or photo they have found, but want an image they have in mind. For example you may want a medley of animals in your painting, zebras, lions, and kangaroos for instance! Obviously it’s difficult to find an image which would have all of these animals in it, yet we can create that artwork for you along with the right setting and environment. You are always at the heart of any commission and we work with you to produce the animal art you are looking to create.

As well as painting and drawing, we also have a range of sculptors who can sculpt your chosen animal – think of a tiger in your hallway!

What can our Animal Artists do?

Our animal artists can produce paintings, photographs, and drawings of a number of different scenarios:

  • Paint and draw portraits of your pets (with or without humans)
  • Produce images of animals for a logo/re-brand
  • Incorporate digital images of animals into a brochure/advertisement
  • Photograph your animals in an artist and creative way, and carry out photoshoots of your pets
  • Produce abstract and contemporary images, as well as realistic portraits of animals

This list is not exhaustive and we are increasingly asked to create animal art in a variety of other ways. Please get in touch at if you would like us to help you with animal artwork or Submit your Brief with your requirements.>