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I would like a painting of my friend’s toy dragon dreaming that he is a magnificent dragon carrying my friend above the city.



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Please have a look below at some of our previous commission requests and the results of those commissions.

Painting of View from Wedding

I would like to a commission a painting of a view from a recent wedding we attended in Frranschoek in South Africa. We have a selection of photographs to act as a guide. The painting should essentially be a panorama of the mountain view. We are open to all style of paintings. We will send all the photographs upon request. Really look forward to hearing from you.

Painting of House

I am looking for an artist to paint a picture of my partners house for his birthday in May next year. It’s a converted chapel house in Essex (stableford abbots) so ideally someone local as I expect they will need to come and view the property although I can send photos if easier I would quite like an impressionist style but open to suggestions. A Wintery feel would also be good given time of year.

Painting of Vanak Demon Nun

I would like a painting of the VANAK Demon Nun from the conjuring 2 for my wife’s Christmas present

I would like a painting of a bear and a robin, signifying my girlfriend and I with East London as a backdrop.

Painting of my New Family

I would like a painting of my husband to be and his children. I don’t have a photo of all of us together so would you be able to complete it from different photos?


Rabbits Ears Pass

As a wedding present, I would like to commission a painting (roughly 22″ x 36″) of Rabbit Ears Pass in America. I have a photograph which I would then like transforming into a painting. Firstly, I was wondering whether this is possible. If so, could you give me a rough indication of prices and types of paintings you could provide.

Baby Crocodile

I am looking for an artist to commission a drawing for me. The scene i have in mind is hand drawn in pencil or could be painted in greys..
The scene is a baby crocodile just hatched from an egg on the beach. Its walking towards the sea (you can see footprints in the sand) you see a beautiful eagle swooping down to grab the baby crocodile.

I want the picture to be simple but the crocodile and eagle to be very detailed. The beach and sea to be simply drawn on a pure white background. I can send a few examples of styling with a basic drawing by myself as a starting point.

Colours to be white, greys (possibly with a subtle colour as the White Horse picture). The picture is to be no larger than 25cm x 25cm. For 20th January 2017

Painting of Iceland

I would like an aerial view of where my wife grew up in Iceland

Wedding at Gun Fire

I would like a painting of my friend’s wedding.

Bear and Robin in East London